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[5] Miyagi feature taste course 【6480 yen】 ~ Menu of Mizukatsuki with + 2160 yen with unlimited drinks (3 people ~)

6480 yen

【4320 ~ 16200 yen】 prepared according to your budget.

  • 8items
  • 260persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00

Foodstuffs are naturally committed, and a selection of dishes that carefully selected natural products.Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine while enjoying the seasonal seasons.We will prepare according to the budget.Please use it by all means according to various scenes.

Course menu

■■■ Menu of Mizutazuki ■■■

【Appetizer】 Sake liquor with seasonal ingredients at Miyagi

【Tsunemi】 Assorted ground fish

【Steam】 Chawu Mushi with grace of the sea

【Quenched items】 Grilled funki from Ishinomaki

【Association】 <Specialty !!> Sendai specialty thick cut beef tongue

[Cover] <special-made !!> Ishinomaki Aiuname Kudzu-tapping lotus root

Tailored suction

【Food】 Inaniwa Udon

【Sweet taste】 Seasonal creative dessert

There are cases when changing cooking content depending on stocking · weather

* All you can drink at + 2160 yen, and even at + 1620 yen you can also drink sake, authentic shochu, plum wine

※ Please feel free to contact us as we will prepare according to your budget.

2018/05/24 update