Course details

[2] 120 minutes Banquet seat with unlimited drinks 【6480 yen】 ~ Menu of Mutsuki ~

6480 yen

All you can drink with

  • 9items
  • 3-60persons
All-you-can-drink available

The following is normal.All further drinks of the above-mentioned sake, authentic shochu, full-fledged plum wine at plus 1620 yen further to the course!

Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Prepared by the secretary who is well received.It will be an affordable banquet seat course with all you can drink.It is recommended for various banquets, meetings, drinking party etc.Please enjoy it while enjoying the fragrance of the season.In addition, we will prepare according to your budget.

Course menu

■■■ Menu of Mutsuki ■■■

【Prepared】 Rapeseed spicy soaked

[Replacement items] Masaharu

Mozuku Ikura

【Towing】 Seasonal making

【Grilled things】 Red fish Nishikyo pickled in 2 steps

Grape beans

[Replacement] Sendai specialties beef tongue

【Association】 Deep fried chicken


【Nabe throat】 菜 彩 鍋

[Food] udon noodles with pot

【Sweet taste】 Seasonal creative dessert

There are cases when menu change by purchase ※

☆ All-you-can-drink course, plus 1620 yen 【Recommended sake, authentic shochu, plum wine】 as well as all you can drink!

【Local sake】

Urasama Dry mouth (Miyagi prefecture) / Ichinomi super dry (Miyagi prefecture) / Asato pine (Miyagi prefecture) / Hachikaiyama (Niigata prefecture)

Koshiro Ume (Niigata ken) / Kubota (Niigata ken) / Black Dragon (Fukui) / Kyuro Yanmen (Yamagata prefecture)

【Potato Shochu】 Black Kirishima / Mitake / fine piled read / bright farming village / Tomonobu Mountain / Kitcho Baoshan

【Rice shochu】 The dew of the tassel

【Wheat Shochu】 Sparrow of Ginza

【Brown sugar plum wine】 Kikaijima / Ren and

【Awamori】 Hekko

【Authentic plum wine】 Sakkami plum wine / honey plum wine / plum wine plum wine

【Fruit wine】 Nice plum wine / Sequercer

All-you-can-drink menu

· The · premium · molts <fragrant ale>
· Shochiku Meizu (燗 · cold)
· Shochu
· [Wheat] Yokaichi / [potato] Black Kirishima (rock / water split / hot water split)
· Rock / Water Discount / Soda Discount
· Lemon Sour / Lime Sour / Yuzu Sour / Muscat Sour / Blueberry Sour
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine / apricot wine / litchi liquor / (rock / water split / hot water split / soda cracker)
· Glass of wine red / white
· Jimbuck / Jin Lime / Gin Tonic / Cassis Soda / Cassis Oolong / Cassis Orange / Reggae Punch / Fuzzy Navel
·Soft drink
· Green tea / Oolong tea / Cola / Ginger ale / Orange juice / Grapefruit juice

2018/12/20 update